Members of Every Community.

Our HQ team and in-market experts – who are local business owners and community leaders across every media market and political jurisdiction –leverage community relationships and trusted voices to move people to take action, support a brand or issue, or buy a product.

Making a Local Impact.

People derive meaning and purpose from their communities. Familiar institutions—family, work, places of worship, schools and community groups—provide the filters through which people view the world. For companies looking to reach the right audiences and inspire action, it’s critical to first understand and integrate with these community dynamics.

Our in-market experts provide firsthand insights and knowledge to our clients while effectively localizing and executing initiatives of all sizes and reach.

The Team.

We Meet People Where They Are.

We know the most impactful way to reach people is to already be a member of their communities. With the largest grassroots network in the United States, our in-market experts—local business owners, influencers and community leaders themselves—leverage community relationships and trusted voices to move people through the human experience and toward a purpose.

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Have a local issue you need to address? Looking to engage the right audience in key communities?Want to reach consumers and policymakers at a hyper-local level? Direct Impact can help.

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