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As the grassroots arm of BCW, Direct Impact provides clients with unique insights and direct access to the communities, relationships and media landscapes that matter most to their business.

Local Matters Everywhere.

Since 1988, Direct Impact and our nationwide field network have offered scalable, high impact communications services covering every community, media market, political jurisdiction, and digital landscape in the U.S. Today, we are redefining what it means to engage a community—consumers, policymakers, constituents, and organizations alike—through 21st century grassroots and purpose-driven communications.

Local Solutions.

Moving American consumers and policy makers requires a genuine, intentional, and inclusive approach rooted in local communications and engagement.
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We take a community-centric approach to all engagements—nationalizing local activities while localizing national initiatives—meeting people where they’re at to maximize our direct impact in the communities that matter most to our clients. Our community-centric approach ensures purpose is at the core of every engagement and touchpoint we make.

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Have a local issue you need to get ahead of? Looking to engage the right audience in their community? Want to reach consumers and policymakers where they’re at? Direct Impact knows that local matters to you and we can help.

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