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The Cutting-Edge Approach to Local Communications Vital to the Success of Your Business, Organization, or Cause

February 8, 2022
Keith Strubhar

While our lives are more digital and tech-focused than ever before, innate social human connections have also never been as important. These connections allow us to contextualize and strengthen the bond between each other and with the communities in which we exist. Immersing ourselves within digital landscapes has allowed for greater diversity of thought, freedom of expression, and ability to engage large populations, but it’s easy for any company or brand to get lost in this fast-paced environment—especially if they seek to hone the power of it and reach the audiences that matter most to their business.

Grassroots engagements have traditionally relied upon the power of the local community but have lacked the power of digital-first campaigns. And yet, digital campaigns typically lack localization and contextualization that drive meaningful results.

This is where DI(gital) enters – a first of its kind offering that combines the expertise and knowledge of our local field teams with cutting edge, proprietary digital and analytics tools to develop the right winning strategies for the traditional and digital grassroots activities that most effectively deliver the best ROI for your organization.

Human intelligence is at the forefront of every engagement

Whether you need to educate consumers or incite constituents into action, Direct Impact maintains the industry’s largest network of public affairs and public relations specialists—covering every media market, political jurisdiction, community, and digital landscape in the U.S.

Our field teams provide local market insights to inform community engagement programs—including potential nonprofit partnerships, stakeholder engagement strategies, media angles, legislative and regulatory victories and setbacks, local political landscapes, trends and priorities, budgeting processes, and other intelligence to shape strategy.

They have deep relationships with media and influencers to promote brand and campaign awareness while offering guidance on appropriate angles through which to drive coverage and apply context to local storytelling.

However, it is also imperative to harness the science of data and technology

At Direct Impact, we are in the business of moving people, and that increasingly means leveraging AI and technology to derive insights that help educate, engage, and activate target audiences. That’s why digital is at the heart of our approach to public affairs and crisis management.

Our unmatched ability to bring technology, digital outreach, and traditional grassroots experts together ensures we develop, implement, and optimize modern, full-service efforts to achieve our clients’ communications and public affairs goals.

To deliver impactful results

Combining a full suite of digital and social tools with Direct Impact’s data and analytics research capabilities, we can deliver targeted messages to key audiences. Ultimately, we can help meaningfully shape the narrative while leveraging insights and engagements to develop visual assets that maximize performance and impact. Further, we will establish your brand and management team as thoughtful subject-matter experts and leaders on topics that matter to your bottom line. Finally, we engage in social conversations to boost positive messages while blunting and combating misinformation, false claims, and narratives.

As importantly, we cultivate and activate grassroots support at the community, local, state, and federal levels while monitoring and identifying emerging trends/narratives to develop and execute on rapid response recommendations. By combining these efforts with the implementation of leading technologies and, when needed, developing proprietary tools, we can move your organization from NOW to NEXT.

Bottom line, to deliver impactful results, it is imperative that you engage Direct Impact, the only firm that combines a best-in-class field team network and cutting-edge use of data and technology.

Keith Strubhar is an Executive Vice President at Direct Impact (DI), the nation’s leading grassroots firm, and a member of the BCW Group of companies. His integrated communications expertise has seen him develop and manage winning electoral campaigns, enhance reputations of Fortune 50 executive leadership, obtain federal approvals for large energy and infrastructure projects and lead international marketing and public relations efforts for defense and aerospace companies. Strubhar began his career in campaign politics in the state of Florida.

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