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Lessons From Women Leaders During Women's History Month

March 19, 2024

As we celebrate Women's History Month in March and appreciate the women throughout history that have made important strides forward, we are also honoring the women of Direct Impact that make a difference for our team each and every day. We connected with five of them to get their thoughts and advice.


What is the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received? 

One of my first bosses out of college stressed the importance of running for office to 'do something,' not to 'be someone.' I’ve since applied that lesson to the work I’ve done for candidates, elected officials and clients over my career – and always focusing on 'doing something' to help them achieve their objectives rather than worry about 'being someone' in the process,” said Stephanie Kundert, Senior Vice President.


Who is a woman that inspires you and why?

“Taylor Swift inspires me not only for her amazing talent but also for how admirable it is for her to be paving the way for so many other young musicians to take control of their own future. Her overwhelming support for young women musicians shouldn’t go unnoticed as all her opening acts are women, giving them a global platform,” said Lindsey Beane, Account Executive.


 What advice would you give the next generation of women leaders?

“Build your network and create your personal board of directors. These are the people you can rely on for career advice, inspiration and honest feedback,” said Julie Rollend, Senior Vice President.


 What is one quality you believe leaders should possess?

This is more than one quality, but they go hand and hand, I think leaders should possess compassion and empathy, understanding that their team are people who have lives outside of work and need to have balance to allow them to flourish.  These qualities were not always something I considered important in a leader but as I have progressed through my career it has become clearer that when people feel seen and understood they will be more willing to be part of the team,” said Heidi Lifson, Senior Vice President. 


What is the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

“Celebrate the successes of others, rising tides lift all boats,” said Molly Towey, Account Director.


Thank you to all of the women across Direct Impact that continue to inspire and move our team and industry forward.

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