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Direct Impact Spotlight: Danielle Boyd

December 8, 2022
Dalena Nguyen

Danielle Boyd recently joined Direct Impact as an Account Director. She is based in Dallas, Texas and brings over 10 years of strategic communications experience to the firm. Prior to joining Direct Impact, Danielle worked at NEC Corporation of America with a primary focus on internal communications, developing effective communication strategies to build brand awareness, driving employee engagement, and partnering with local nonprofit organizations for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

We caught up with Danielle to learn more about her experience and background!

What was your very first job?  

I worked at the front desk of my local YMCA.

What did you study in college, and what career did you think you would pursue?  

My major was Broadcast Communications. I wanted to pursue a career in TV news. When I graduated, I ended up working at a local NBC affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth for about 10 years.  

Throughout your career, you have seen many different forms of leadership. What qualities make a great leader?

Being self-aware is huge! A great leader is always open to learn new things, the ability to adapt to change, make an impact and keep open lines of communication. 

What is your biggest piece of advice for people coming up in the media and communications industry? 

Put yourself out there and network to build meaningful relationships!

Why do you think local matters?  

Being local allows a presence within the community. It also helps determine the local needs to contribute more effectively. 

We would love to know what tv shows, books, and podcasts you’re currently into in your free time.  

I do not have a favorite tv show at the moment. I am more of a movie watcher to relax. I lean more toward suspense, thrillers and unsolved mysteries documentaries.  

Love those! Outside of work, what are your hobbies/personal interests?  

When the pandemic hit, I started to cook more and try new recipes. I have found it therapeutic when I have the time. I also enjoy attending a good spin class!

Thanks, Danielle! DI is glad to have you on board!  

Thank you! So glad to be here! 

About Danielle

Danielle has worked in state and local government for the Texas Department of Transportation where she was a media spokesperson covering major county construction projects and transportation issues. She also kept close relationships with government officials to help keep the public informed on the progress of the projects.

She started her career in broadcast news as an editor at a local NBC affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth. In this capacity, she worked under tight deadlines, managed multiple projects, and provided live updates to news crews during breaking news and general assignment coverage. During her tenure in local broadcast news, she also worked as a consumer producer with other local NBC affiliates.  In this role, Danielle developed a range of relationships with local and national media contacts.

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