We're in the business of mobilizing people

Our industry-leading grassroots team specializes in building and executing at-the-doorstep campaigns at the hyper-local level that can reach thousands of communities across the country. The scope and structure of our grassroots network reflect lessons learned from our extensive work for successful political campaigns across the U.S. for more than two decades.


Issue Advocacy

The ability to influence public perception, regulations and policy is directly related to the ability to identify and mobilize the right spheres of influence. We engage people and organizations who can make a difference at the local, state and federal level.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is the art of weathering industry challenges and seizing opportunities to grow, redefine and align with the right trends for the future. We help you navigate fluctuating environments to mitigate risk and maximize return on your reputation capital.

Marketing Communications

For a brand or product, effective consumer-facing communications are key to elevating status, driving loyalty and influencing purchasing decisions. We engage with consumers on the local level to drive communications that resonate and translate into community-based allegiances that positively impact your bottom line.

Five Things to Know About DI

1) We are in every community, media market and political jurisdiction across the U.S. and Canada

Our national grassroots structure – designed after those used in political campaigns – provides our clients flexible and responsive coverage. Our field teams include former elected officials and political campaign operatives, marketing and branding professionals, and members of the media. Their goal is to harness the power of each community to build meaningful constituencies that, when mobilized, have a lasting impact.

2) We are equal parts policy, issue and consumer focused

While our history is grounded in the public affairs arena, that is not all that we do. Our work also encompasses brand development, public education and influencer engagement campaigns for Fortune 50 companies. We find that while grassroots communications was traditionally a tool to influence issues or policies, it has proven to be equally as effective in establishing brand loyalty.

3) We are in the business of moving people towards a purpose

While our field teams work industriously to inspire genuine local advocacy, the concept of community is not confined to a zip code. We use online data and tools with advanced targeting capabilities to analyze and exponentially grow the power of local online. Marrying local insights from our network with digital tools gives us the unparalleled ability to inspire and activate.

4) We are Burson Cohn & Wolfe’s (BCW) integrated grassroots public affairs agency and work closely with sister agencies across the WPP network of companies

Grassroots campaigns are sometimes the silver bullet for clients, and sometimes they are instrumental facets of much broader efforts. We regularly collaborate with Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW) and other communications agencies on comprehensive programs that encapsulate national public relations, crisis management and marketing endeavors to provide a local edge.

5) We defined and built the grassroots agency model

Direct Impact has been at the forefront of the grassroots communications industry for nearly 30 years. We have played a role in many policy debates and complicated community-based challenges for clients. Every town, constituency and community group is unique, with distinct motivating factors that only a hyper-local campaign can address. This is our sweet spot – making issues relevant, timely and accessible to the people who are most compelled to care.